Blogging the Luminaria


6:54 p.m. PST: The first luminaria in the neighborhood are lit. These are actually a block away from us, on Buena Street, looking east from California. All of these were in place by dark. And not only here. For nearly a half mile along California to the south and on many adjoining blocks, the luminaria were all set out and ready to go by nightfall, too. Amazing to think this has all spread from our little celebration on Holly Street, which started 13 years ago tonight. Ironically, folks on our street are just out now putting out the bags. More later.

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  1. We went to see the Tokyo version of luminaria, if you can say that. It is basically a long line of lights strung over the street in downtown Tokyo. The streets were more packed than Holly on Christmas Eve, with all the couples taking photos with their cells but somehow the intimacy you achieve and the sense of togetherness is more palpitable on Holly. Merry Christmas.

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