While I was riding my 100 miles yesterday, I was thinking about Mary Brekke, my mom, who died a year ago on August 29. I think all of us — my dad, my brothers John and Chris and my sister Ann — have been thinking about her a lot; of course, I believe we’re thinking about her all the time, just more so as the anniversary of her passing neared. I can’t really think of much to say beyond, “I miss you.” Dad had a great thing to say, though” “Listen. Dan, Mom’s with all of us.”

Yes, she is.

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  1. Dan: I was out at Rockaway yesterday with the family. I turned on the radio and they were playing “The Pines of Rome”. I thought, “how appropriate is that?” Spoke to Pop too. He was in good spirits, all things considered. Hope you are well. Congrats on your bike ride. I’ll drop in sometime for a shorter one. Maybe in Tasmania? You think I’m kidding?

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