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Having an infinitely diverse readership — including the author’s blood relatives, plus the dozen or so people in the world to whom he’s offered no mortal offense, and maybe one or two others — this site receives an extraordinary range of suggestions about web sites and other apparitions that may deserve attention and approbation. (If you can follow all that, let me know what it means.)

From Infospigot’s bulging in-box, the following are offered for your wonderment:

Exhibit the First: Some dorm-room humor at the expense of the graphic artists at the Department of Homeland Security. (Thanks, Endo.)

Exhibit the Second: Dan Perkins, aka Tom Tomorrow, boils down the Bush vs. Kerry issue in six panels. (Thanks, Garth.)

Exhibit the Third: An example of why, Bush or no Bush, we’re a great country and always will be: Beer bottles made from aluminum. It’s almost enough to make Osama crack a cold one and toast the Great Satan. (Thanks, Lydell.)

2 Replies to “Infospigot: The Mailbag”

  1. The art style of the first “exhibit” is very much like that which one sees on airline safety placards. Very generalized, almost uni-sex features. Probably the same artist(s) or workshop did this stuff as the airline placards. That’s my best guess. And here comes the editorial: But it is all shite-fear-mongering. Imagine what good this crap would have done on the 104th floor of the WTC. Exactly….nada. And guess what, it probably affords little comfort on a vomit-comet ride down from 35,000 feet. It is meant, I would guess, to afford the illusion you have a chance to survive on of these disasters.

  2. Dan: Tom Tomorrow sums up why, in my heart of hearts, I think Dubya is a lock. “People get the leaders they deserve.” I’m gonna’ have to find out who said that. Hitler or Goebbels…maybe Stalin? I’ll go Google it.
    Aluminum beer cans…sign me up.

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