Today’s Teens

A couple of kids, a boy and a girl, both about 16, pass me on the sidewalk. The conversation snippet I hear, from the girl: “The only history we have is killing a bunch of people, and we’re continuing today. That’s American history.”

4 Replies to “Today’s Teens”

  1. Man, What a thing to hear. But they may be repeating what they hear at home. Not entirely accurate, but the Bush & Co. do have a gift for getting people to think this way, myself included…as you well know.

  2. Yeah, they might have been repeating stuff they’ve heard at home. But they looked old enough to get exercised about it on their own. And you’ve got to factor in that this is Berkeley. I’d be really taken aback if I heard comments like that in, say, Wichita (not that I’ve been there recently).

  3. Berkeley, yes. But they are also among the most likely to be “targeted” for any future draft to chase nafarious causes for Bush. That last item is redundant. Bush is a nefarious cause.

  4. Yeah, you’re right. That’s one of my biggest fears for the kids we all know — that they’ll get pressed into service for some horribly misconceived and unjustified adventure, just like this one we’ve got going over in Ear-rack right now. And these young guys keep on dying — 40 so far this month — and they keep killing Iraqis in droves. All in the cause of what? Iraq’s new ruling heel?

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