My LiveStrong bracelet broke. I guess it couldn’t stand the strain of me putting it on and taking it off my meaty wrists every day. Of course, from here I could go off the deep end interpreting this as some kind of omen. Such as: Perhaps I won’t win the Tour de France someday as I had hoped.

3 Replies to “Oh-oh”

  1. That sort of reminds me of something. Some friends just returned from Turkey and brought me back Nazar’s evil eye. The legend is, it’s supposed to protect you from bad vibes disguised as good vibes or something like that. If it breaks, that means it has done the job. Maybe your LiveStrong bracelet did its job?

  2. What I want to know is, Why’ all this taking it on and off? I wear mine on my right wrist during my swims, while cycling or running, showering, brushing my teeth. Heck, now that my wife has left me and I’m without a key benefit of matrimony, I even wear mine when I’m … oh, never mind.

  3. Well, some of us like to have our wristbands on for all the important moments in our lives, and some just want their hands and wrists to be free and unencumbered.

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