‘The Iowa Yell’

What did Howard Dean actually say in Iowa the other night? An exclusive review of how the Vermont governor’s post-caucus ejaculation was rendered into type:

San Francisco Chronicle analysis
: “Yeahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

CNN transcipt:  “Yeah!”

CNN graphic during Anderson Cooper’s “360” show: “Yeeeaaaggghhh!”

Washington Post post mortem: “Yaaaaaaaaaah!”

The Australian: “Yaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

New York Times recap: “… a throaty howl.”

Boston Globe: “… a yell that appeared part growl, part yodel.” (Extra points to the Globe for having the yell “appear.”)

Wall Street Journal: “… his hoarse voice rising to a scream.”

Baltimore Sun: “… And the final word in the quotation above was a surprising barbaric yawp, even from the emotive Dean – more of an extended “yeeeee-arrrghhhh” than a measly “yeah.” (Hey — the Sun has a Walt Whitman fan on staff!)

Newsday: ” … a guttural yell.”

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