Chicken Coop Portraiture


Among my many other claims to greatness, I’m currently the Mayor of Berkeley’s Edible Schoolyard Chicken Coop on Foursquare (I know–it’s hard to believe I’ve been able to fit so much into one short life). The coop is a regular stop on our Saturday morning perambulation through the neighborhood with The Dog; his attention focuses alternately on the chickens, who I imagine look like tasty friends, and the many squirrels chasing through an adjacent live oak. The chickens are fascinating to me, too–mostly in that this group (about 15 chickens and two or three ducks) has, notwithstanding the occasional expiration, appeared to stay so healthy for so long.


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2 Responses to Chicken Coop Portraiture

  1. The Other Marie

    Mr. Mayor, thank you for the chicken update, and for the subtle Python reference!

  2. Dan

    That’s not a Norwegian blue, is it?

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