Times Five

Brief historical note: I posted my first entry here five years ago yesterday. A basic stat for the Infospigot era: 1,679 posts. An average of 336 a year, or 28 a month. I’ve never figured the average number of words per post, but I think I’ve mixed it up: a smattering of short ones, long ones, and in-between ones. Plenty that were mostly about the pictures I was putting up. I’ll make a ballpark guess and say the average length has been 350 words. If true, the total verbiage here totals something like 600,000 words. That’s the equivalent of 2,400 typed pages: a very long book, but with no plot, no central subject, little action, and a dimly understood protagonist. All I can say is thanks for reading. Thanks for returning. And thanks for all the responses along the way.

We’ll soldier on, despite a recent newsflash that blogging is dead. Let’s see what the next five years brings.

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3 Responses to Times Five

  1. Rob

    Happy Anniversary. I read that Wired piece last week. Could have been written back when the blogging phenomenon started. It still doesn’t grasp why most people do this. Nothing new about that.

  2. Lots of good stuff in there. And to think you did it for us. At least it seems so. Thanks.

  3. Been plenty of adventure, friend. Keep it up.

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