Muni Blog: Ocean Beach


We went with our nephew Max for a little no-fixed-plan exploration of the city. So we wound up walking from the Ferry Building down to Phone Company Park (Max is a Cubs fan), then got on the N-Judah Muni metro car and decided to stay on all the way through downtown and out to Ocean Beach. It was beautiful out there in a way that’s so typical of this dry winter I’m almost but not quite taking it for granted. Lots of walkers on the beach. Plenty of surfers in their full wetsuits (we heard a couple of them later talking about the rip currents they encountered). Plenty of interesting stuff in the sand, like sand dollars. We walked over and had a sort of late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant with a perfect view of the beach. Someone on the beach apparently launched a couple of fire lanterns we saw gliding above the sand after sunset.

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  1. Yeah, I tend to forget how cool the Muni can be (if you don’t *have* to ride it every day). We finished the day off with a cable-car ride over to the Wharf, then back on the Hyde Street car over Russian Hill (I spared other riders the famous story of the car that lost its grip on that grade and when hurtling back down the hill).

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