Road Blog: Chicago Afternoon

One more of the Statue of the Republic in Chicago

An afternoon driving around the South Side, enjoying the sudden end of summer and onset of what feels tonight like fall. Quick stops at:

–Jackson Park, site of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition (featured in “The Devil in the White City”) home of the work above, “Statue of the Republic,” a scale model of the statue that was a centerpiece at that long-ago fair. (Photo by Thom Brekke.)
Oakwoods Cemetery. Saw a great blue heron alight in a tree, then noticed that some big raptor was hanging out nearby.
–6500 block of Yale Avenue, where my great-grandparents (O’Malley/Moran) once lived. There’s a vacant lot where the house once stood.
–Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, where my brother and mom and many of her kin are buried.
–Als’s Italian Beef. The Ontario Street outlet. Tasty, if not historic.

Good night Chicago. Good night, all.

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