Berkeley Vehicle of the Day


Outside the Bread Workshop (University Avenue and Acton Street). It wasn’t clear to me what “Guerrilla Grub” was, but I was impressed that whoever went to the trouble of painting the truck spelled “guerrilla” correctly. (There’s a Guerilla Cafe on Shattuck Avenue, in the old Smokey Joe’s space, which unironically offers “art, coffee and vibes” along with its second-rate orthography.)

Inside the Bread Workshop, a frequent Sunday morning destination for coffee while we walk with The Dog, I met a guy from Guerrilla Grub. He was wearing a shirt that said so, and was picking up rolls for sandwiches. Guerrilla Grub is a street food operation, he said, and the truck pictured here is its “transporter.” Today’s mission was to hustle stuff over to the Temescal Street Fair in North Oakland, where they’d be serving sloppy joes–both vegetarian and beef. The G.G. guy said they’d be trying to sell 200 sandwiches for the day.

He also said the paint job was by a local artist named Nite Owl, a.k.a. Daniel Zawadzki of Oakland.

Nice truck.


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