Friday Night Ferry: Sunset


Last night’s variation on the theme: Sunset’s late enough now that the trip back to Oakland from San Francisco is a light show. Another variation: Kate met me at the radio station, and we walked over Potrero Hill, then up Third Street, past the ballpark, and up The Embarcadero to the boat.

2 Replies to “Friday Night Ferry: Sunset”

  1. Last time I tried walking from “the station” to a ball game, I resolved to take the most direct route. Ended up in a pedestrian-unfriendly no-man’s land under the freeway and it took me 45 minutes to get there.

  2. I’m guessing you did something like walk up Potrero to Division (under the freeways), then head east from around 8th and Townsend. My route across Potrero Hill on 18th then up 3rd to the ballpark probably takes about 45 minutes, too. A little shorter would be to turn north before 3rd Street and cut across the UCSF Mission Bay campus (another interesting place to walk through).

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