Journal of Self-Promotion: TV Edition

KQED-Channel 9 has a long-running news discussion show called “This Week in Northern California.” The producers asked me on the show last night to talk about some recent developments in California water policy (I can hear the surge of adrenaline out there in blogland). You’ll notice that the still for the video captures me in mid-jabber. Unfortunate. But here it is anyway:

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  1. This could be Capitol View, our local PBS show with a very similar format. Same issues, same format, except for the water part. We’re almost swimming in it.
    Excellent job, Dan.

  2. Thanks, you guys. Marie — it is a tried-and-true format; I remember a Chicago version back in the ’60s or early ’70s that had Mike Royko on among others (I remember him saying in reply to speculation that some day Mayor Daley wouldn’t be mayor anymore, “Is there anyway he can just hand the job down to one of his kids?”).

  3. That can be done, Dan. One of our local assessors did it. He was my assessor at the time. From the Times-Picayune:
    “In 1975, the elder Chehardy registered to run for a fourth full term, drawing no opponents until three minutes before the qualifying period closed. At that point, his 22-year-old son, a law student, signed up to oppose the incumbent, who proceeded to drop out of the race and hand over the job.”
    Jr has been elected pretty much unopposed ever since. He’s a Republican in a 80% Republican parish who staunchly defends the homestead exemption. He’s invincible.

  4. Rob, is the homestead exemption an issue that needs defending in Louisiana? Actually, I always thought of it as a God given right (for lack of a better term for something you didn’t ever have to worry about). But, apparently, it may not be. I recently heard talk that someone in Illinois may be proposing the homestead exemption be reduced and/or eliminated. Worse than that, they’re talking about reducing and/or eliminating the senior citizen exemption, which is in addition to and over and above homestead.
    Dan, I think that’s interesting about the Royko comment, only because that talk was still floating around out there about the time I lived there. Oddly, I never heard the same kind of talk about the current Daley’s kids. Of course, I don’t live there now, so what do I know.

  5. We have a $75,000 homestead exemption in Louisiana. On top of that, most homes, particularly in Chehardy’s parish, are under-assessed.
    Quite a few politicians have tried to reduce it to help them balance their budget or to pay for one project or another. Their argument being that property taxes are partially paid for via tax deductions on our Federal returns. Property taxes are deductible, sales taxes aren’t. Someone here long ago proffered the notion that if we didn’t have the homestead exemption, poor people would lose their homes. Voters, led by entrenched assessors, have opposed any adjustment to the exemption. They prefer sales taxes and income taxes.

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