Sky Sunday, Sky Monday


The shot above is from the very top of Buena Vista Avenue in the Berkeley Hills (elevation 1,000 feet or so). When we got a break in the storm Sunday, The Dog and I walked up there from our place–two miles up, two miles back. (And it wasn’t much of a break, now that I look at this again–to the right you can see rain moving across the bay.) The street’s aptly named–the views all the way up are beautiful.

Then Monday, we took an after-work walk up to King Middle School. The clouds were still clearing out from the storm, but the rain was well over. One of the best parts of the winter and early spring here are the skies, which get somewhat more predictable as we move into the summer low-overcast season (although even then, we get freakish displays of the fog crowding into the bay and cascading over the ridges; still amazing to see).


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