Late-Night Pique

A dash of late night pique: I hate it when I sit down and manage to write something and post it and the software I use to write the drivel (or great thoughts, as I think them) simply eats the words and won’t give them back. For some reason back in the blogging dream time, I decided I wanted to use a blogging client to write and publish my posts. Maybe it had something to do with maintaining hard-drive copies of all the great thoughts, or drivel as you may think them, that come spilling out here. The blogging client I chose was Ecto, a decent one for the Mac–decent meaning it worked. But starting within the last six months or so, after I upgraded to the latest (thus best, right?) version, Ecto starting simply disappearing nearly entire posts; that is, I’d write a post, and all would look normal; then I’d publish it, but all that would show up on the site was the headline; and further, the local copy of the post would be the same–headline intact but body vanished. It just happened again, 10 minutes ago, and I’m surprised by how irritating it is to simply lose a piece of writing. I mean, it’s nothing I can’t sit down and do again. But late at night–no, I don’t want to do that; I want to move on to the next thing.

Which I will now do.

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