I Hear America Braying

Today’s leading contenders for the Rep. Devin Nunes “Totalitarianism Drives Me Crazy” Award: Callers to Rep. Bart Stupak, the anti-abortion Michigan Democrat who played a key role in getting the health-care bill passed the other day. It’s a nice mix of men and women, and almost makes you feel like it’s time to update Walt Whitman’s paean to American voices. These are all filled with such venom that I kind of wonder what part of “pro-life” they (or I) don’t understand. Here’s the CBS News clip on the Stupak calls:

For the record, Stupak said in an interview with the Michigan news site MLive.com that he’s gotten dozens of threats since the vote. And MSNBC reports at least half a dozen other Democrats have been on the receiving end of similar attentions.

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