Sunday Morning Walk: Hats


The Sunday morning walk consists of a stroll from our place, across a corner Ohlone Park, over to University Avenue, and down to a restaurant called Fellini. The place does pretty good, pretty cheap dinners. In the morning, it’s winning because it has a walk-up cafe window and the coffee there is pretty good, too. As a plus, they give The Dog a treat. He knows that and begins getting enthused about the impending visit when we’re two or three blocks away. This morning’s walk featured these two hats, and people, who were in line ahead of us. I tend to think most of the hipster headgear in our current Hat Renaissance is a sign of a New Meathead Age. These two chapeaux–is that the plural?–did nothing to change my mind, though I will allow it’s an interesting pairing.  

After we got our coffee, we headed down to the old Santa Fe Railroad right-of-way. On our way back home from there, we encountered a mockingbird in full virtuoso voice. Wish I’d brought a sound recorder.

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