You’ve Been Warned


This was posted adjacent to the campus of Santa Clara University. We spotted it Saturday night when we were down there to watch soccer with Eamon and Sakura.

Let’s not even talk about what the reaction a poster like this is trying to elicit. Let’s focus on the wording. If prompted, my slogan might be, “Vaccines save lives.” Clearly this local leafleteer is of another mind. Fine–let’s resolve this disagreement in the marketplace of ideas. But here, the pitch isn’t “vaccines may be dangerous” or “Vaccines: use at your own risk”–statements that would probably be attention-getting and may not stray across factual lines. That’s not enough for this broadside, which says flatly “vaccines are poison.” In a world where apparently no one can be trusted to think–hey, which vaccines are we talking about here?–nothing but the most alarmist message will do.

[Update: NPR’s “Morning Edition” did a segment this morning addressing questions about the safety of the new swine flu vaccine. ]

One Reply to “You’ve Been Warned”

  1. The cervical cancer vaccine is the one that jumped to mind when I saw that but I suppose they could be talking about the new swine flu vaccine or ALL vaccines for that matter. Poor advertising.
    A glance at the website tells me that it’s the flu vaccine that they are targeting. They even link to an “Amazing rapper” to promote their message. Pretty cool.
    On that front, the wife called her GP the other day and they don’t have any flu vaccine. She’s on a waiting list. I’ll probably get it this season, too.

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