Picture Surprise

We have a surprise picture tonight. It’s of either:

a) The sublime scene near Suisun Bay late this afternoon as our odd September storm rolled in. To the east, a window of clear sky over the Valley, with patches of white cumulus. To the south, Mount Diablo in shadow, the peak vanishing and reappearing as dark bands of clouds blew by; it eventually vanished in the rain. To the west and north, veils of rain trailing out of the clouds as they swept toward us. Clear patches among the clouds, about every shade of blue I’ve ever seen in the sky. The landscape: buckskin hills to the north and east, dry as they get. To the north, tidal meadows and forests of tule reeds in the marshes. (Why were we up near Suisun Bay? To find some tules for a class project the Garden Stater is doing.)

So: that’s Picture Possibility No. 1, and you know my penchant for landscape/sky shots. No 2 is:

b) An urban graffito made humorous not so much for its content as its juxtaposition of one pop culture era with another. (You take the trouble to read this, we’re going to give you high-brow analysis.)

That’s Picture Possibility No. 2, and you know my love of quirky urban signs. No. 3 is:

A picture I took while driving this afternoon that shows a woman driving a car on the San Rafael Bridge while reading a storybook to a child, who is sitting on her lap. You know my penchant for strange and occasionally outrageous highway scenes.

If you want to draw out the suspense and create a real genuine community discussion, you could leave a comment about which one of the above is Picture Surprise. If you just want to get this over with, click the link below and go to “the jump.”


On the Macarthur crossover I-580 just east of Lakeshore. Was walking here with Thom and Kate on Sunday on the way to a cafe. Those other two pictures? I wish they existed (I forgot to bring my camera on our outing today, so no shots of the amazing sky; and while I did photograph a driver reading a storybook to a kid on the San Rafael Bridge once, the child was actually leaning over the driver’s seat, not sitting in the driver’s lap.

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  1. The first choice is so pretty. The third, scary. The second, funny. I especially appreciate your helpful analysis. I needed that. Really.
    I didn’t take a picture tonight of the sky, too. It looked like someone splashed pink tempera paint on the dull side of aluminum foil.

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