10th Street, South of Market, San Francisco. On my way from work up to the Civic Center BART station — a change of pace from 16th and Mission BART. I just liked the door color. And the rest of the palette, too. If you’re not a habitue of the city, this part of San Francisco was once filled with warehouses and light industry. Some still remains, but large tracts have long since been cleared and redeveloped into parks, hotels, condos, retail centers, and the like. This part of the South of Market neighborhood, well west of downtown, has changed more slowly and there’s still plenty of evidence of what used to be.

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  1. Dan,
    I always think of that. I saw Marilyn Chambers at the local strip club, the Downs Lounge, when I lived in Metairie. Kinda got dragged to it because my ride wanted to go. I told him I didn’t have the $12.50 cover charge so he and the other two guys with us chipped in and paid for me. That has never worked since. She sang a couple of songs, told a couple of porn film anecdotes, and then did her strip show. Metairie is the middle class, uptight suburb of New Orleans and strippers have to use pasties and g-strings so I didn’t get to see her like most guys have. I’ve never seen the movie.
    At 09:05 PM 9/10/2009, you wrote:

  2. When BTGD was out, you had to see it in one of the “Adult” theaters. I walked past one every single day in college but never had the stones or the money ($10 when movies were going for $2.50) to stop in. VCRs and the internet put those guys out of business.

  3. LOL. I remember that, Rob.
    I got dragged to a triple feature one Sunday night at the Cinema Arts (great name for a theater, porn or otherwise) in Springfield. First up was Deep Throat, second was Behind the Green Door, and third was The Devil in Miss Jones. The big three. We left about 10 minutes into Miss Jones.
    I remember being scared going out the door to the theater that I’d somehow run into my parents, even though I was past 18, and it was well past their bedtime, and they never would have been in that neighborhood, especially on a Sunday night.

  4. OK, Marie, you’re reminding me of my one and only porn movie excursion. A carload of friends went to the Cicero Drive-In c. 1971, dead of winter, very cold night, to see a double bill: “Fanny Hill” and “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.” The latter had music by Steve Winwood, I think, and accept for the steamy atmosphere in the car — a bunch of guys+heavy breathing+zero degrees F.=iced up windows — that’s all I remember about those movies.

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