Inaugural History

A joint project by a friend, Chicago artist MK Czerwiec, and me: “Great Moments in Inaugural Address History.” Let me explain about joint project: I suggested the idea and did some research; MK did all the heavy lifting of making the art happen. (Click for larger view.)


Copyright 2009 MK Czerwiec. All rights reserved.

5 Replies to “Inaugural History”

  1. Good fun stuff. Never know what the ‘Spig will deliver. However: No mention of Reagan, and the change he made in the inaugural address? (You know, from the East Portico to the West Front of the Capitol? Inaugural address…. Get it?)

  2. Pun, bad. “‘Spig”, good. Did El Dutcho have a plausible reason? Or was he deferring to a Mommy pal and some tarot cards? Wasn’t anyone “disrespected” on behalf of the East Portico? I realize Disrespect wasn’t as big an industry in ’81 and ’85. Still, this tidbit is news to me. Maybe the relocation provided a better view of Philadelphia, Mississippi. (Sidebar: Genial Host, thanks for breaking out The Virtual Greasy Pencil.)

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