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Vote today or forfeit you’re hard-won and patience-trying right to whine about the result and its after-effects for the next four years. Really. You tell me you don’t vote, I don’t hear what you’ve got to say about the state of the world. The Cubs, “American Idol,” Angelina Jolie, “the technique of the young Picasso vs. that of the old,” that wild stock market, the latest developments in cosmology, genetics or subatomic physics–we can converse on all that and more (though I don’t promise I’ll understand most of the above). But no bitching about politicians, the system, activist judges, shady lobbyists, budget deficits, or any of the rest of that election-implicated stuff. You open your mouth on any of that, and, to quote the immortal former Chicago cop Jack Walsh, here come two words to you.

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4 Replies to “Do It”

  1. I was the 52nd to vote at my precinct after a tolerable wait. Yes for Kid Hawaii. No for Rahm Emanuel. Roundabout walkies home led me past 5 other polling places. Less creepy city types on the legal perimeter offering flyers and that special presence of dolt. That was nice. Credentials established. Elsewise….has Clint directed Angie Lips to Best Actress hardware like he did Hilly Teeth? Discuss.

  2. I recall a heated political conversation with a small group. This was election night after the polls closed. This one chick was making really intelligent and informed remarks, but with no hint as to her party affiliation. Someone asked her, “who did you vote for, if you don’t mind me asking?” The chick says, “oh, I don’t vote.” The first person says, “why the hell not?” The chick said, “my religion prohibits it.” What the!!!!!!! I told her, well, so much for your opinion. It doesn’t count. That was November of 2000.

  3. Dude, you did it — you got out of bed in time and the Golden State put B.O. over the top! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    (Seriously: from soggy Stumptown, I raise my hand for high fives with you and Kate and Thom on this fine night. Now I gotta check to see if you guys came through on 8.)

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