God’s Little Acre, Revisited


One of the local news shows did a bit tonight on a new recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics that doubles the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D for children. Apparently, the only guy they could find to talk about it was the lad pictured above, Dr. William B. Grant, Ph.D., of Sunarc–an organization devoted to spreading the word about the benefits of Vitamin D and sunlight. Never mind that Grant in his moments on the tube called for radically higher doses of Vitamin D than the pediatrics group is calling for, putting his expertise a bit at odds with that of the mainstream medicos. What got us when we watched was the hair. Check out the style: a smattering of carefully cultivated strands arranged to suggest full-maned glory. I’m sorry. Speaking as one who has laughed in the mocking face of baldness on many a bleak morning, midday and midnight, the guy’s do impeaches his testimony, whatever he says. Or maybe Vitamin D is convincing him he really looks like, well, this guy. In which case he needs to consider a different therapy.

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2 Replies to “God’s Little Acre, Revisited”

  1. Maybe he believes he resembles Lord Posey, The Happening Neckwear Edition. Maybe not. He does get credit for letting the sun hit his untoupeed cranium. These days, I observe more hideous male dye jobs than silly wigs or barcode combover classics. “Kojak with a soul patch” is also much too common. MY personal concerns lately are the size and duration of my couchprint.

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