‘William F. Buckley’s Son Says He Is Pro-Obama’

Christopher Buckley wrote his own headline. He also wrote why he cannot support McCain and feels he must support Obama. It’s a bright ray after the dark bleakness I felt after reading about this–the radically ugly turn the McCain-Palin rallies have taken. Talk about reaping the whirlwind.

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3 Replies to “‘William F. Buckley’s Son Says He Is Pro-Obama’”

  1. I heard a word for the first and second time last night. On the McCain crowds: they’re getting a little “pitchforky”.

  2. Yeah. “Lynchy” also comes to mind. Yes: I know we live in enlightened time and a return to such barbarism is utterly unthinkable. But when you whip people up the way McCain and Palin are going out of their way to whip them up–well, I *am* surprised at the violence of the reaction. McCain would do better to skip the rabble-rousing; then he wouldn’t have to engage in the the pious “my friends, he’s a decent man” theatrics. Of course, then he wouldn’t be able to let us see what a decent American he really is.

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