Now it can be told: Later today, we’re flying off to Japan for a week. Main mission: to meet my son Eamon’s wife Sakura’s family (got that?). For Illinois readers: They live north of Tokyo about the same distance that Zion is north of Chicago (45 miles, say). We’re going to a hot spring. We’re going to eat great food, and I’ll probably drink sake. I’m going to try not to make too much of a fool of myself.

Other itinerary items: We’re going to ride the Shinkansen (what we call the bullet train) to Nagoya to visit g the family I lived with for four months in 1976. Also: Eamon and Sakura are going to show us around Tokyo, which I have only the barest impressions of from that long-ago visit. And finally: I’m going to watch Kate take it all in.

Pictures and stories to come.

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