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On north side of 16th, near Folsom. I’m new at the genre, but the two names belong to San Francisco graffiti artists.

Not that this is a natural segue–I find the sidewalk stencils and other street art I see around the Mission and Potrero Hill pretty arresting–but if you read a little into some local blogs (here’s an example, and here’s another) shit on neighborhood streets is a recurring topic. By shit, I mean shit–what the polite but not highbrow might call Number Two. I raise the subject mostly because in the last few weeks, I’ve occasionally found myself strolling through what appears to be a well established and frequently used open-air toilet on Harrison Street between 17th and Mariposa. And today, right by the Honda motorcycle garage on 17th near Folsom, a large pile of human excrement. Notable in the latter case was the presence of a wad of toilet paper. It’s comforting to know that even those with no other facilities, or who are perhaps moved to make a social statement of some kind, are still wiping themselves.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen similar remnants in as well traveled venues as Cyril Magnin St. next to Powell Street BART. It has always been one of the things I’ve found less than appealing about urban living (while defecation is more common in San Francisco than many places public urination, especially by taxi drivers, is quite common at night in Tokyo).
    On a sidenote, my company’s bathroom once had “shit” written about people on the wall, using shit as the medium. The professional atmosphere of Silicon Valley.

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