Our Dues

What a strange ritual April 15 is. I’m guessing that for most of us, paying taxes and all that entails is our most intimate interaction with our government. Some years, I swear I get the taxes done expeditiously. Not this year. And as tax years go, this one’s a little harrowing. My mind rests easier, though, knowing that I’m paying my tax dues to pay for plenty of this instead of dead-end ideas like this.

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One Reply to “Our Dues”

  1. As you know, I have always thought the dollar cost of the war was the Achilles’ heel of the whole project. You can’t own what you can’t pay for. I mean I’d like to drive around in a Maserati but I can’t afford it, so I have a Saturn with high mileage. I reckon if the Republicans love this war so much then they and their constituency should pony up their tax cuts from the last eight years and pay for it. Short of that….call it off. I’m with you on the education deal. It would be nice to see more money go to basic science research, Nasa, infrastructure, etc. At least these things have the potential to pay off somewhere down the road. The GWoT seems little more than a financial sinkhole benefiting a very limited constituency of military careerists and defense contractors. Happy tax day.

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