Forced to Drink Beer

From my continued researches in The New York Times archives, this little snippet from October 23, 1900 (to put the item in context just a little, the country’s male voters were getting ready to re-elect William McKinley; who was running against … William Jennings Bryan, a son of Salem, Illinois, I believe; how many elections have pitted major candidates with the same first name?).


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  1. That is an *excellent* find re: “laughing immoderately.” I love the range of people they cite as having engaged in that immoderate practice (including Governor John P. “Eagle Forgotten” Altgeld, who was the second-greatest man to have lived in your city.)

  2. I guess Grace Chapel faces Fourth Ave. The building complex goes through, west to Broadway. On that Broadway side is the larger Grace Church, which is a beautiful (landmark) structure. I think it is Episcopalian…Church of England. It is interesting that the names of the revelers in the story are all Irish…probably a bunch of RCs ticking off the the swells.

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