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It’s a rule of thumb, for me anyway, that whatever benign weather we might be having here, in the world capital of benign weather, will take a turn for the worse if you have guests visit. On one famous occasion in the early ’90s, most of my family came out from Chicago for Christmas. They were thinking: what a lovely break from the onset of winter. When they landed in San Francisco though, we were at the start of a historic cold snap. The temperature was in the low 20s, and puddles on the roof of the parking garage outside the terminals had frozen solid enough that you could slide across them (and at least one of us did). The disembarking Chicagoans found they had come to a California that was colder than their hometown; at least for that week, anyway.

We have guests arriving tomorrow. My sister and brother-in-law and their two kids. Since our January-early February, when we got about a foot of rain in a month, it’s been mostly dry here. And warm. Last weekend it got close to 70. Now, of course, the weather has changed. Over the last day or so, we’ve had our first real rain in weeks; this morning was the hardest rain of the winter, maybe, though the really heavy part lasted for just a few minutes. Ann and Dan and Soren and Ingrid will be here for five days; I’m hoping we get to see the sun before they get back on the plane to go back to Chicago.

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  1. Its not your guest’s fault. Our guests from New Jersey arrived last night. The weather will improve when they leave on Tuesday. 🙂

  2. Hey, the weather turned out OK, actually. By Chicago standards for this time of year, it was gorgeous. And it looks like it will be beautiful for the next few days, too. All in all, I guess I started whining too early.

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