The Bicycle Menace

From the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Wayback Machine” feature today:


“March 1: The bicycle menace at last has reached police attention. It has been growing week by week. Last week it reached its climax when 600 wild-eyed women between the ages of 16 and 60 cut loose in Golden Gate Park and gave pedestrians and motorists the jitters. Folks complained that their lives were no longer safe in the park, with the two-wheeled menace everywhere. Officer Thomas Smith was given charge of the delicate job of tagging the rubber-tired rounders. Equipped with a grain sack filled with tags, he mounted his Barley motor car, slipped in the clutch and cantered off to do his duty. At sundown, he was still out distributing his billets-doux to the ladies of the handlebar and sprocket club.”

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