The National Weather Service reports, and eyewitness accounts confirm, that we’re having a storm. The forecasters have this to say about the current atmospheric proceedings: “A WALLOP OF A STORM CONTINUES TO BARREL ITS WAY THROUGH THE BAY AREA EARLY THIS MORNING.” That’s right — a wallop. Wind gusts up to 75 mph. Rain blowing sideways. If you live east of here, and nearly everyone does if you look at the map the right way, the wallop is headed your way.

More later. I have to brave the tempest for a trip into the city. [Pictures (click for larger versions]: Above, Codornices Creek in northwest Berkeley, over its banks. Below, the entrance to Golden Gate Fields.]


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3 Replies to “Storm”

  1. Wende, compared to you, we have had it *easy*. At least here in the big city. Thanks for the good wishes — need all of those that we can get!

  2. Well, that may be true—but any storm doing the kind of damage your area is facing, is still a problem. And the news is grim–at least the video we’re seeing. BE SAFE.

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