An abbreviated post this morning: Whiskerino. (More formally: the North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino 2007). It’s a beard-growing contest or festival (or something), running from now at least through the end of February. Not for me: I last grew a beard during the Carter administration and have never had the impulse to grow it back. I did keep my mustache nearly all the way through the Reagan years. When I shaved it, my younger son looked at me and cried. He’s gotten used to my clean-shaven appearance since then. Whether you intend to compete or not, and I realize some who visit this page are not genetically or hormonally equipped for the contest, I commend the site for its careful attention to detail, if not spelling:


According to Parker Brothers Beyond Balderdash the definition of a whiskerino is “a beard growing contest.” Participation in the North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino denotes that the participant will grow a beard. Refusal to grow a beard is not in the spirit of the contest. Note: Testerone levels differ in every male and all levels of growth, regardless of density and coverage, are encouraged. As long as the participant is not shaving the participant is growing a beard.

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  1. I’ve never grown a beard or mustache. When I was younger I feared my beard would be patchy and I felt no need to put my masculine ego to such a test. I’ve always thought mustaches make one look somewhat slimy. Now my facial hair is nearly all white (despite the hair on my head still being brown) so again my masculine ego could not withstand such a test.

  2. I’ve had a couple of beards and had a mustache until 10 years ago. Wasn’t particularly happy with the beards and finally just got tired of all the mustache grooming. But I love this:
    “As long as the participant is not shaving the participant is growing a beard.”
    By that definition, I’ve grown more than a couple.

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