Testosterone: A Mood Enhancer for Landis?

A squib from the Scientific American on the still-unresolved Floyd Landis case. As the world of cycling knows, Landis’s blood test results the day of his astounding Tour-winning stage last year showed high levels of testosterone. The reader question that Scientific American puts to its expert, Michael Bahrke, is one that most people have thought about: Could a dose of testosterone produce such “an immediate and profound” effect as the one from which Landis may have benefited?

Bahrke largely discounts the immediate physical benefits of testosterone, but then he raises another possibility: “…It is feasible that the improved performance could have come as a result of a shift in mood level.”

Read Bahrke’s entire answer here: http://www.sciam.com/askexpert_question.cfm?articleID=84EC9327-E7F2-99DF-3275ED1BD923D659&ref=rss

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