TV Local News Editorial Outrage Cam


The TV Local News Editorial Outrage Cam captured a couple of gems during a tough night for the KTVU (Channel 2) news tonight. They speak for themselves, but I think the example from the sports department above will probably make this year’s Newsroom Gaffe Olympics for finding so many ways to mangle something so simple.


5 Replies to “TV Local News Editorial Outrage Cam”

  1. Great blog and excellent post, Dan. It’s the downfall of Western civilization happening before our very eyes. And people expect to get accurate news from these clowns? When they can’t even spell? Amazing.

  2. I’d fire an intern who turned in that kind of work. Help them start their career at In-n-Out before it’s too late.
    I’ve heard that one of the major changes in the KTVU newsroom is that writers are now directly responsible for not only editing video but also for all the CGs and fonts that go on the air; in other words, a lot more has been heaped on them, meaning that they have to work faster. That also means there’s one less layer of copy checking before that stuff goes live. All part of the “work harder, not smarter” movement.

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