Fleched Out


A random moment from the weekend bike ride (the Fleche Velocio), a stop at Moskowite Corner, a store and bar at the junction of Highway 121 (from Napa) and 128 (from Winters, and running out to the coast near Navarro in Mendocino County; the word “bait” is in big letters so people going to fish at Lake Berryessa can read it as they motor past). The store’s a convenient place to stop, but doesn’t always offer the friendliest reception to cyclists; I’ve been yelled at in the bar for daring to venture onto the local highways. No yelling on Saturday, though. Just a quick break, then back on the road to Calistoga and Healdsburg.

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3 Replies to “Fleched Out”

  1. In Louisiana, where the fishing is much more serious, they dispense with the “We carry” and just erect gigantic, sometimes flashing neon signs that say BAIT.

  2. I’ve never needed bait though I remember going fishing as a kid and not like the finding worms part of it. So I guess if you can afford store-bought bait, it’s good to know where to buy it.

  3. Rob: BAIT, one word, in lights, is definitely the way to go. It’s a declaration that a known need can be supplied instead of an answer to an unasked question.
    Or something.

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