Bike Pome

Hmmm. Here’ s an impulsively shared work in progress:

Venus up

the sun not far behind

as we pedal east

all night in the saddle

and cold enough now

that I look for frost diamonds in the first light.

Why do you do it, you ask,

the all-night ride

through landscape you know you miss seeing,

the world that little sphere lit by your dumb headlight,

your ass sore from riding all through the day before,

the world that ribbon of bad pavement

through landscape you know you miss seeing.

Why do I do it?

I want to tell you

I’d love to tell you

But the sun’s up now,

there’s a hill to climb, another one after that, breakfast to eat,

a lot of ground to cover before night

and we shouldn’t burn daylight just sitting and talking,

not when there’s a ride to ride and so much landscape to see.

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