Perusing the White House website this morning for more of the president’s wisdom, I came across the image to the left, which is still on public display. I see Senator Palpatine, in the middle; and Anikin, on the right. But I can’t quite place the figure on the left. Not the microphone–the other one.

Speaking of images, the San Francisco Chronicle this morning has a big front-page story on the identity of the source who in 2004 leaked transcripts from a federal grand jury to two reporters at the paper. Accompanying the story, both print and online, are pictures (different ones in each place, but taken at the same time and place by the same Chronicle photographer) showing the reporters, Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada, and their Hearst Corporation lawyer. But there’s someone else in the pictures, too: Chronicle Editor Phil Bronstein, who is such a key part of today’s stories that he is never mentioned. So why did the paper, which has a stack of Williams/Fainaru-Wada images as high as an elephant’s eye (speaking figuratively), use pictures with Bronstein? I can’t believe Bronstein had anything to do with choosing the images. In some way, it looks like the boss’s vanity and self-importance have become institutionalized.

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  1. That guy would be Count Dookoo. He comes to a bad ending at the hands of Anakin, losing first his hands then…gulp…his noggin, after outliving his usefulness to Chancellor Palpatine. Life imitaing art? You be the judge.
    Actually, Rummy will get his Presidential Medal of Freedom on the same day Scooter Libby gets his Presidential pardon. I’d toss a piece of Executive tin Scooter’s way too. Wouldn’t want Rummy up on the dais feeling lonely.

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