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It’s the bumper sticker on the car ahead of me at the light, University and 6th in Berkeley: “MY CHILD IS A SUPER CITIZEN AT NYSTROM SCHOOL.” In case you’re interested, Nystrom School is in the perennially trouble-beset Richmond school district, just north of Berkeley.


My first question is who came up with these “my kid’s an honor student”-type stickers? My second is does anyone, including the young Mensa aspirant whose achievement is being celebrated on the back end of mom’s car, react positively to these messages? I didn’t think so.

This one threw me a little, though. “Super citizen”? What do you have to do to earn that? Make it through a semester without shoving another kid down the stairs?

More ideas for parents who want to bumpersticker their kids’ achievements and milestones.

“My Daughter’s a Community College Dropout”

“My Kid’s a Student at the County Honor Farm”

“Our Child’s a G.E.D. Valedictorian”

“My Child Tested Negative”

“My Little Lad Got Life Without Parole”

“Proud Parent of a Republican”

“Our Son Says He’s in the Texas Air National Guard”

“Our Grandkids: We Love the Little Bastards!”

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  1. “My Baby: Loved Like a Child, Tried As An Adult…” “Nurturing Step-Parent of An Overcoddled Terror” “Proudly Demanding My Kids Compensate For ALL My Past Disappointments!” “Pride-Filled Author of ‘Not My Fault: The Next Generation’ ”

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