Sweeping the Nation

I laid a new word on Kate as she unoffensively walked the dog last night: “Obamania. What do you think?” After considering for several long milliseconds, she said, “God, that’s terrible.”

Terrible, yes, But also widely used. As of this morning, a Google search turns up 147,000 instances of “Obamania” on the Web. That’s up 1,000 from last night. And–a surprise to me–it’s not a recent coinage. The very first item in that list of 147,000 dates back to July 2004, the day after then Illinois state Senator Barack Obama delivered the keynote address to the Democratic convention. A leading promoter of the term Obamania: “The Daily Show,” which also shows up prominently among deployers of “Barack the vote” (791 instances). Obamarama scores 75,800. Obamarific: 23. Obamomentum: 1.

Coinages associated with other candidates?

Bidenmania: 6.

Kucinichmania: 231

Vilsackmania: 0

Vilsack fever: 3,290

Hillarymania: 938

Hillary fever: 385

Hillary syndrome: 223

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