Leslie Griffith Non-Watch: Terminal Edition

Leslie Griffith and KTVU made it official this morning: She’s out, and life and the station’s news shows–from which she’s been missing for 87 days–will go on. KTVU put out a kissy-face mutual press release in which Griffith says she’ll pursue the inevitable “other interests.” For its part, the station professes its undying love for her. The big immediate change on the news shows is that the anchors will no longer have to say, “Leslie Griffith has the night off.” Of course, the untold story is the behind-the-scenes melodrama and nastiness that led to The Vanishing in the first place. The world likely can do without all that, though.

So long, Leslie. Thanks for the memories from your early, bright, relatively carefree years. Thanks for all the fodder for snide commentary. And I hope you wrung every last dime out of the station you and your lawyer (her lawyer is her dad, I hear) could get.

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9 Replies to “Leslie Griffith Non-Watch: Terminal Edition”

  1. Apparently Leslie is gone, and we welcome Julie Haener who is much cutier, perkier, smiles sweetly, and knows how to read the news without a bunch of self-imposed emotionalism, unlike LG. As for Dennis Richmond, he’s an ACE–a true Trooper, been around FOREVER, has more credibility than anyone else on TV, as far as we’re concerned. We LOVE Dennis!

  2. You people are, quite simply, assholes. Get lives and quit hating on people who have never done a damn thing to derserve your bitter, hateful derision. Take a look in the mirror, losers.

  3. Would the derision be OK if it wasn’t hateful and bitter? And what does “derserve” mean? Please let us
    know how we can do better.
    Signed, quite simply,
    An Asshole

  4. All this bickering for nothing.
    whether you liked her or not, Leslie
    was a star how many people can say that and now she’s gone so we should all just wish her the best and move on.

  5. Well, KTVU must be very hard, and tight, on anchorwomen who gain popularity for the station (usually a good thing), but with her going acrimoniously, years after Elaine…..Kind of makes you not want to refer any females to KTVU doesn’t it?

  6. Leslie was a terrific anchor and is an awesome journalist. All this mumbo jumbo about someone else smiling and being prettier is ridiculous and quite frankly, stupid. Get a life.
    She made that newscast and now it seems hollow without her.

  7. Would like to wish Leslie well and continued success.
    But now to the dirt. Does anyone know what earned her that two week off-air suspension early in her KTVU career? I heard it had something to do with her break-up with the sports reporter guy. It must have been a “duesy”.

  8. I have a co-worker who said she actually had a child with sports reporter Mark Ibanez. Who cares though? I hope they’re happy bringing the kid up together…and it must be very cute since both parents are very attractive. I liked Leslie Griffith a lot and miss her but people have to move on. I think she’s at the Huffington Post now.

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