Chicago Connectivity Notes

Sporadic posting, email reading, and Web off-goofing in Chicago. Not because America’s Greatest City lacks for newfangled electronic contrivances, including those of the Internet variety. But because connectivity is not readily available during my laptop-toting visits here (which probably turns out to be a good thing, since that makes me actually talk to people and go out and see things, like Millennium Park and that North Side Starbuck’s that the Wobblies are trying to organize. So: Not a complaint; I’m just saying.

(One thing I notice, though: My family is used to seeing me turn on my computer and just getting on whatever household Wi-Fi network happens to be in range. A couple years ago, I could do that just about anywhere because most of the people who had set up wireless seemed to have skipped the part of the Wi-Fi router manual that told them how to restrict access to their networks. Now, most of the wireless nets I see require a password to get on; that shuts out the likes of me, those neither inclined to try to crack someone’s security nor proficient at the tricks or tools you might need to do that. So either people are learning or the manuals are shorter and easier to read.)

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