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  1. That guy is supposed to be a beautiful young woman; which come to think of it is probably what Michael Jackson believes he is. All of which reminds me of the tradition of female impersonators in traditional Japanese theater (not that the TV drama I snapped a picture of is an example — that’s a woman playing a woman). You should try to find the movie “Demond Pond” on DVD (here’s a synopsis on the Web: http://www.moria.co.nz/fantasy/yashagaike.htm). It features a famous practitioner of “onnagata” — a man who plays a woman’s role. Weird, great movie.

  2. Athough the message is a good one.
    Whenever I return alive from hunting and gathering with my quart of skim milk I breathe a sigh of relief, because I have lived another day…to vacuum the funky gray carpet in my apartment. Talk about distinguishments.

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