Motel Dog

I might be close to trespassing on the world’s patience — “world” in this case meaning the dozen of you who peruse these posts — by putting up a third consecutive dog picture. I’m doing it anyway.

We’re in Eugene visiting Thom. We’re parked in the Best Western right across the street from the university. Last night we had to stay about 20 miles outside town because the state high school track championships were being held today at the U of O’s Hayward Field, and every motel closer than the one we found was booked up.

One of my mom’s distant Irish cousins, Michael Joe O’Malley, used to have an expression he used when it was time to retire for the evening: “I’m going to stretch my four legs from me.” I think he explained once that it referred to dogs going to sleep. So here’s Scout, after we walked him all over this afternoon, stretching his four legs from him. Outside the frame, Kate’s taking a nap, too. Thom just woke up from his. I’m the only one here not getting his early evening shuteye.


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