Have Tartar, Will Travel

From the sharp-eyed Kate, off of Craigslist:


Reply to: anon-125119271@craigslist.org

Date: 2006-01-13, 2:19PM

You: A kind-hearted person who hasn’t had their teeth cleaned in over 5 years and is willing to take a free trip to O’ahu, Hawaii to help me take my State Board Dental Hygiene test. Persons with cavities, crowns, bridges are not appropriate for this test. Lots of tartar build-up is a must! Smokers ok. We will leave Feb 21st (Tuesday), the test is Feb 22nd, and you may stay for as long as you like. Air-fare and hotel (for 2-3 days) will be covered. Free full set of x-rays included.

Me: A Registered Dental Hygienist that needs your help!

If you think you fit the criteria, and need a tan as desperately as I do, call me at (707)888-4765

Thanks! April

2 Replies to “Have Tartar, Will Travel”

  1. Does anyone besides me wonder if teeth cleaning, tartar, smokers okay, etc., are really euphemisms for something less wholesome. Because, why is someone in 708 area code taking their “state boards” in Hawaii? Wink wink.

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