Windshield Photography

An hour and a half ago, I finished an up-and-back drive to Eugene to pick up Thom for Thanksgiving festivities. On the way to Oregon yesterday, the sun set just as I got to Redding, 200 miles north of here along Interstate 5. Winding through the mountains, Mount Shasta occasionally appears, always bigger than you expect. as you speed up the highway. The mountain, with new snow from the first storms of the season, held the last light long after everything around it was dark.  I tried a through the windshield shot (hey — you have your cellphone, I have my camera) at a low shutter speed; it’s good enough for what it was.

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  1. Hope its a good one. Thinking about you all on Thanksgiving both here and when it passes over the land of its actual celebrations.

  2. I love doing that and have gotten some fun photographs. (Like at 65 MPH on the PA turnpike just as I’m about to enter the Allegheny Tunnel. The other fun think to do is put your camera on timer, set in the corner of the dash facing the cabin, and take a picture of the occupants as you roll along.

  3. Wow, that is a good one…and that highway looks dangerous too. I have a 60 mph, shrouded-in-fog view of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, of which I am particularly fond…of. I’ll send that one to you. Hope you all enjoyed Turkey-day. We were in Connecticut for the festivities.
    Hi Eamon…You’re a pilgrim of sorts, landing on foreign shores and all. I don’t even want to know what you would have to pay for a turkey in Japan. What, 100 bucks minimum, for one of the little guys which looks more like a squab. What is a squab? A fancy word for “pigeon” I reckon.
    And cranberry sauce? OH, Fuggeddaboutit!
    Let’s talk. Hello to the family. Love ot you all. jb

  4. Yeah, you’d have to find the turkey first before you would even have the opportunity of not buying it because of the exorbitant price.

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