Day 732

Point-one (.1) score and zero years ago, a weblog crawled out of the ooze and mire. This one. To hold forth on — well, everything (and thus perhaps nothing). Dedicated to the proposition that — OK, we’re still trying to work that out. Platform for random quotings and digressions. Example:

This stupid world —

skinny mosquitoes, skinny fleas,

skinny children.

That’s the Japanese poet Issa, from Robert Hass’s “The Essential Haiku.” And that reminds me of a story I heard yesterday on NPR that acquainted me with a new term for “going hungry”: food insecurity.

The world will little note nor long remember what’s scrawled here, though thanks to the full-enough measure of devotion of you happy few (typical insertion of unrelated battlefield reference) these jottings get enough attention to satisfy. Thanks for reading.

2 Replies to “Day 732”

  1. This is where it’s easy to become a conspiracy theorist. At $178 per month (according to the gov’t) available for food FOR FIVE PEOPLE what can a family eat but junk: bologna, free super-processed cheese, nutritionless white bread, pasta, plain tomato sauce. It would be tough enough to feed five people healthfully, buying bulk foods and fresh produce on $178 a WEEK; it’s simply impossible to stretch that amount out to a month. *I* spend $178 a month on food, and I shop at Trader Joe’s and buy bulk soap, coffee, tea, oil, nuts, rice, et al.
    The bologna-Velveeta-spaghetti diet is about two hunger pangs up from not eating. It is not conducive to a developing body or brain. It’s not helpful to a person who labors all day at anything. Can’t eat right, so you get sick, both short-term (colds, flu) and long-term (diabetes); can’t afford to go to the doctor, so you get sicker.
    God bless those who’ve got their own, I guess.

  2. Congratulations! Sprinkle a generous amount of imaginary pixie dust around the room and declare yourself an old-timer (preferrably in front of an audience).
    Seriously, I found your blog a few weeks after you started when you mentioned George Ryan’s indictment. And, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and knowing you since then. Thanks.

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