Behold a Pale Hose

Even though I’ve been away from Chicago more than half my life — and when you get down to it, I grew up in the suburbs, not in the city — most of my family is still in and around the city and I follow what goes on there with more than passing interest. With the sports teams, too. And even though my brothers and I grew up with a Cubs allegiance I blame on my father, the Sox getting into the World Series is news.

Dad’s pulling for them, I think mostly because Mom and her brothers were all big Sox fans and, yeah, they’d love to see it happen. They’d love it especially because this kind of thing happens so seldom in Chicago. The Sox were the most recent visitors to the Series, having last played there (and lost) in 1959. The Cubs last trip was summarized by the late Steve Goodman:

“You know the law of averages says:

Anything will happen that can.

That’s what it says.

But the last time the Cubs won a National League pennant

Was the year we dropped the bomb on Japan.”

So talking to Dad just now, he said: “It would be great to see them go all the way” — win the World Series. No debate there, though I’ll confess I’ve never had much love for the Sox under their current ownership and have never set foot inside the sadly misconceived stadium they built to replace Comiskey Park, the ballpark in which the Sox had played since 1910. The old place was decrepit by the exacting, fussy standards of our age; but it had history on its side and a certain trashed elegance that might have been revived.

But that’s a detour. Let’s turn back to my dad. Yes, it would be great to see a World Series winner in Chicago. In fact, it would be the first in his 84 years (he was born too late for the Golden Age of Chicago baseball, which seems to have coincided with the Roosevelt (Teddy, not FDR), Taft, and Wilson administrations.

OK — I’m on board. Go Sox.

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  1. I’d like to see them go all the way if only because of those infrequent trips to Comiskey Park with the uncles. Soren, on the other hand,is taking this hard. Who knew we’d wind up with a baseball fan in our little family.

  2. I read an interesting article a ways back, I wish I could remember where, that had an interesting point about the Chicago White Sox/ Chicago Cubs losing streaks in connection with the win by the Red Sox last year. Basically it was saying that the Cubs have now and the Red Sox had until last year a romance surrounding their respective streaks – Steve Goodman was used as an example of this. The White Sox streak has been comparatively ignored. Anyways, I am sure it wasn’t ignored in Chicago but its great for the team now that it will get a little more attention given to its “comeback”.
    On another note, if the Cardinals make it to the series then it will mean a two Japanese player series (Iguchi and Taguchi) not including those other more famous, and probably more well paid players from this island nation.

  3. Yep, Dad has pointed out that I should get behind the Sox, if not because it’s the “home” town team than for Mom and the Uncles. Patty, a Sox fan thinks I should stop being so hard nosed and give the Sox a go-go. Present ownership aside, and as part owner of the stadium I need incentive! It has been pointed out that Frank Thomas isn’t playing, ok, that’s not enough. Red Sox ’04, White Sox ’05(?),
    ?Cubs ’06? Okay, maybe there is something there. Then the thing that could seal the deal. What if the Astros win the National League? Then it will be GO_GO White Sox!

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