WAYGTB-MOYOE* Update No. 99

Bush in Washington yesterday: “We’re seeing progress on the ground. And we’re also seeing political progress on the ground. The constitution has been written; folks will have a chance to vote it up or down here this month. And then there will be elections, if the constitution is approved, for a permanent government.”

Here’s how that progress looks to a Knight-Ridder reporter from the ground Bush is talking about:

“1 p.m. – On phone with the major, who’s apologizing for being late when a car bomb explodes at Checkpoint 3 entrance. Gunfire ensues.

“1-3 p.m. – Locked down in National Assembly building with legislators while bomb debris and bodies are cleared from the street.

“3:15 p.m. – The major calls back. Come on out, he says. I join him walking to Checkpoint 3.

3:25 p.m. – We step around football-sized chunks of bomber hanging like gruesome Christmas ornaments from the razor wire. I point out the journalists’ security fears, being forced to walk through a dangerous area to get to Iraqi government and U.S. Embassy briefings. He is concerned. “Wow, that’s dangerous,” he says, pushing aside a smoking piece of car interior with a booted toe. …”

*Who are you going to believe — me, or your own eyes?

2 Replies to “WAYGTB-MOYOE* Update No. 99”

  1. From the same speech:
    “As you know, we’re on the offense against insurgents and terrorists.”
    Thanks GW, I had forgotten that I knew about the neverending bllodshed going on down in “The Cradle”.

  2. Should’ve posted this with the above but you know I just had to say I’m surprised the White House puts up the actual words GWB says instead of editing them first. For crying out loud, he doesn’t need anyone to TRY and make him look stupid, he does that HIMSELF.

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