Characterizing Rita

Latest hurricane headline in the Chronicle this morning (in the paper’s relatively new, butt-ugly all-cap style): “Rita’s wrath rips up coast’s rural towns”). Which made me wonder, how’s the “Rita’s wrath” vs. “Rita’s fury” scoreboard looking (“wrath” has got to be ahead because of the alliteration factor; once headline writers hit on that, they want no part of equally descriptive but still overdramatic nouns)? According to Google News, here’s the latest Rita Anthropocentricmorphic Characterization Score (RACS):

Rita’s wrath: 424

Rita’s fury: 100

Rita’s rage: 17

Rita’s march: 8

Rita’s hands: 1

Rita’s light touch: 1

Rita’s reign: 0

Rita’s insouciance: 0

Rita’s incontinence: 0

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3 Replies to “Characterizing Rita”

  1. From a Reuters story on how the hurricane affected insurance stocks:
    “It’s lovely Rita now, unlike last week, when it was not so lovely Rita,” said Michael Dion, an analyst with Sandler O’Neill & Partners

  2. I’m enjoying the snapshot of the Infospigot’s inner workings with the leap from “insouciance” to “incontinence.” I’m not sure what it says, but it’s speaking to me. Nice.

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