Storm Terror on Tarheel Coast

From this morning’s Wilmington (N.C.) Star News:

“Even if Ophelia were a Category 4 like Katrina, Rickey Sprinkle might not have left: He hasn’t fled a storm since he arrived on Pleasure Island in 1977, and he wasn’t going to start for a storm like Ophelia, he said. Kure Beach has high ground, he said.

“ ‘I don’t think anybody is going,’ he said, buying canned foods like Beanie Weenies and Vienna sausage. ‘It’s not going to blow that bad.’ ”

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One Reply to “Storm Terror on Tarheel Coast”

  1. “My momma said stupid is as stupid does”. I can almost hear Tom Hank’s Southern drawl now. Hey, if caution doesn’t seep into this guy’s way thinking after the last couple of weeks on the Gulf coast then maybe it is just a case of natural selection culling the herd. Hope he’s a fundo.

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